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Research Institute Yarsintez.
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 Company structure
R&D complex:
Lab-1 - Synthesis of monomers with functional groups and of small-scale chemistry products.
Lab-2 - Organic synthesis.
Lab-7 - Chemical compounds separation and purification.
Lab-10 - IIR (isobutylene isoprene rubber) and HIIR (halogenated isobutylene isoprene rubber) synthesis.
Lab-11 - Synthesis of emulsion rubber and latexes.
Lab-15 - Industrial toxicology.
Lab-21 - Isobutylene purification. Synthesis of motor fuels components.
Lab-22 - Heterogeneous catalytic processes and catalysts.
Lab-26 - Synthesis of polymer materials.
JSC RI �Yarsintez� has available a large research and manufacturing basis. At present its structure consists of 14 laboratories, 5 process shops, 3 research and manufacturing departments. Highly qualified specialists work here. Among them there two Doctors of Science, professors, honored scientists of Russian Federation and over 50 candidates of science.
Experimental-industrial complex:
Shop 2 - Synthesis, separation and purification of organic substances.
Shop 3 - Hydrocarbons dehydrogenation, alumina-chromium catalyst production and pilot products manufacturing.
Shop 8 - Catalysts preparation.
Shop 14 - Synthetic emulsion latexes and rubbers production.
Shop 18 - Production of hydrocarbons and their compounds, inhibitors and esters of acrylic and methacrylic acids.
Pilot plant has more than 50 pilot and pilot-commercial units with capacity of from 5-10 to 300-400 kg/hour. They provide carrying out of chemical reactions in wide interval of temperatures and pressures, and either separation of complex chemical mixtures.
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