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 Lab-21: Isobutylene purification. Synthesis of motor fuels components.
The process are developed as follows:
  • Applying ion-exchange resins as catalysts

Large capacity productions are realized at many plants in Russia and in other countries as well. At these productions the large-granular ionite shaped catalysts being developed at the Laboratory are applied. They allow significant improving of the performance characteristics of the processes.


    JSC RI “Yarsintez” has been developing the matter of high-octane ether components production for motor fuels since 1973. Processes of synthesis and extraction of MTBE, MTAE, ETBE being produced of C4 and C5 fractions of various origins and of methanol and ethanol were analyzed in detail at laboratory and semi-commercial units.
    JSC RI “Yarsintez” has available complete dataset required for development and design of MTBE, MTAE, ETBE, ETAE production processes and of their mixtures with hydrocarbons in the form of high-octane ether containing components (HEC). JSC RI “Yarsintez” has also available an experience in start-up, developing and commercial operation of these productions. All the technologies, excluding ETAE, have been commercially realized in industry since 1988.
     The specialty of JSC RI “Yarsintez” technological processes is using of ionite shaped catalyst being developed by JSC RI “Yarsintez” specially for integrated reactionary-rectification and reactionary-extraction processes.


There were developed and applied in industry the processes
using ion-exchanged resins as catalysts:

  • process of high-concentrated isobutylene production for butyl rubber production.
  • process of methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE) production
  • process of tert butyl alcohol (TBA) production

There was developed the new technology of production of highly purified DME
which has no foreign odor for using in fragrance industry.

Advantages of the new process of highly purified DME production by JSC RI “Yarsintez”:
  • The process is one-staged and remarkable for utmost simplicity of the process design.
  • Effective realization of “catalytic distillation” principle allows achieving practically 100 % of methanol conversion and process selectivity.
  • The commercially produced catalyst is used in the process.
  • The technology can be adapted to methanol of any quality.
  • The process of highly purified dimethyl ether production is patented in Russian Federation.
foto Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Technical Sciences 
Smirnov Vladimir A.

Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Vladimir A.

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Brief description of the processes:

1.process of high-concentrated isobutylene production for butyl rubber production...(rus)
2.process of methyl-tert-butyl ether (MTBE) production...(rus)
3.process of tert butyl alcohol (TBA) production...(rus)
4. process of highly purified DME production...(rus)
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