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  Lab-22: Heterogeneous catalytic processes and catalysts.
New technologies development: Our developed competitive technologies of styrene production were implemented in Salavat at JSC “Salavatnefteorgsyntez” with capacity of 200 thsd. MTPY in 2003 and in Perm at JSC “Sibur-Khimprom” with capacity of 100 thsd. MTPY in 2005.
  • Processes of isobutylene, propylene, n-butylenes – isoamylenes production
  • Processes of styrene, a-methyl styrene, paramethyl styrene, divinylbenzene, methylvinylpyridine production
  • Catalysts of isobutane, propane, isopentane, n-butane dehydrogenation
  • Catalysts of ethyl benzene, isopropyl benzene, ethyl toluene, diethyl benzene, methylethyl pyridine dehydrogenation
  • Dehydrogenation of n-butylenes into butadiene and isoamylenes into isoprene
Applied technologies
styrene production
Styrene production at
JSC “Salavatnefteorgsyntez” (Salavat)
by technology of JSC RI “Yarsintez”

Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, Honored Scientist of Russian Federation
Georgy R.

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