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 Lab-26: Synthesis of polymer materials.
Laboratory develops the new technologies of polymer materials production.

  • Polymer bindings for high quality car repair service and conveyer varnish-and-paint materials;
  • Organic-dissoluble polymer bindings for varnish-and-paint materials of industrial destination;
  • Water-dissoluble polymers:
    • for hardening compounds in processes of metals thermal treatment;
    • for impregnation compositions for genuine leathers;
    • for sizing compounds in textile manufacture;
    • for thickeners of aqueous mediums;
    • for stabilizers of aqueous dispersion.
  • Polymers for face shields using while manufacturing of electronic printed-circuit cards;
  • Polyvinyl pyridines of high purity degree for chemical current source and other destinations;
  • Polyether putties of car repair service and industrial destination. Glue compositions of various destination, including glue-elastomer for high-strength joining of details of different materials and for reduction of tightness in motionless joints, contact glues and others.

foto  Head of Laboratory

Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Yuvenaly V.

phone: 8(4852) 27-55-94
fax: 8(4852)57-41-73
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